Women's Hormones

For libido women need a certain amount of natural testosterone produced by their body. Zinc & exercise help produce this. Progesterone is a natural calming hormone that can be prescribed & helps sleep & anxiety & has a protective effect on the cells.

DHEA ( Dihydroepiandrosterone) is an adrenal hormone that helps mood, energy & muscle tone as well as metabolism. There are natural ways, nutrients, herbs & bio-identical ( same as the body naturally makes) hormone prescriptions that can help encourage a woman's natural hormonal balance & production. A good night's sleep really boosts DHEA, but if you are over tired or exhausted a small dose of DHEA each morning can give you a boost - there is a form 7 Keto DHEA you can buy over the counter which is safe to use and try.

Testosterone is needed by women as well as men. Poor sleep, lack of exercise, adrenal fatigue, illness and alcohol can all decrease testosterone as well as menopause when the ovarian production of testosterone decreases in women. There are natural herbs to try help boost testosterone that herbal dispensaries can help you with. I also quite often use a testosterone cream which women apply to the non-fatty skin at night and it really helps them with energy, strength, motivation, libido, muscle tone, aching bodies, blood sugar control and mental acuity. Levels often drop around 50 yrs old onwards.