Weight Loss Resistance

pushing-an-elephantHow on earth do you get a body to lose weight when you have tried everything?

Here are some quick health tips to check off to see if you can spot which area you need to change, or perhaps even bypass some habits or normal routines so you can be the weight or body shape you’d like to be!

Let’s assume you have tried eating well, doing some exercise and you are now having trouble losing the weight that used to fall off so easily when you were younger. If this sounds like you read on…

Test yourself on the following - a simple tick in the box means you are doing this item well and no tick means you are not doing it so well:

I am eating mainly plant based foods (veggies) with some protein, perhaps plenty of animal protein and healthy fats along with vegetables at my meals
I’m avoiding take-away meals with rice, chips, bread, pizza etc and preparing or buying a lot of vegetable and salad based meals with good animal or plant proteins
I am not eating a lot of processed carbohydrates or starch foods like breakfast cereals, bread, pizza, pasta, white rice, white potato, sugar, cakes, slice, icecream
My evening meal is eaten early before 8pm and I have decreased the size of my evening meal and made my lunch and possibly breakfast bigger so I get my food load earlier in the day
If I don’t like breakfast I eat a good brunch
I have cut down my overall food intake enough to let my body lose some weight and am drinking water between meals and snacking on nuts and seeds rather than biscuits or snack bars
My alcohol intake I have decreased so I am not getting a lot of sugar at night before bed from alcohol such as wine. You could try a period of no alcohol or only 1-2 wines per month
My exercise is more intense than just gentle walking – I do some cardio or bike riding or something that gets my heart pumping most days such as short little sprints or bouncing on my rebounder or running between trees or walking fast up a hill or stairs.
I’m not sitting all day for work – I get up and move around and do get my body moving several times a day to help get the metabolism going
I am getting sunshine and/or taking Vitamin D a good dose each morning to help my metabolism
I am eating sea vegetables and/or some kelp to help my metabolism (as long as no auto-immune thyroid disease).
I am taking extra nutrients like B vitamins, fish oils, possibly iodine, Vitamin E and evening primrose oil to help speed up my metabolism.
I have considered taking some probiotic foods to help my gut health such as probiotics, Kefir, cultured vegetables like sauerkraut.
I have had a blood check with my doctor to see if my thyroid has slowed down or my progesterone or testosterone or adrenal hormones are low or some other reason my metabolism may have slowed down such as a gluten intolerance affecting my thyroid or gut health or a magnesium or zinc or Vitamin D deficiency

There you go. If you would like a really thorough Well Woman or Well Man check you can come see me by booking online