Summer Energy Tips


If you are feeling like you need to recharge the batteries and get a grip on some exhaustion or would simply like to improve your energy over summer here are some handy health tips.

Find out more about the health benefits of salty electrolytes, sunshine, a cup of coffee, healthy fats and more...


If your body likes coffee and you feel fine on one a day try keeping it to a healthy one a day early in the day and keep up plenty of water.

Coffee suits some body types better than others. Some people stay awake all wired with coffee and some feel energised so see which one you are and try other drinks if coffee “wires” your system too much.

Keep up some extra B complex vitamins if you are having coffee and/or wine over summer to replenish energy stores. B1 helps good sleep as does B3, B6 and the other B complex vitamins like folic acid (B9) and B12 are very important for mood and energy.

Electrolytes and water

If you are feeling thirsty or even a lack of thirst and dislike of water. Try adding some lemon juice or fresh lime to the water and get a sparkling mineral water.

You can get electrolytes like Elete electrolytes and drop a few drops in the water to help energy. The cells use water (H2O) to make hydrogen and oxygen – two energy sources for the cells as well as in many internal cellular energy reactions.


Sun shining on our skin makes Vitamin D and other anti-inflammatory and pain relieving substances.

If you have fair or pale skin that burns easily beware of too long in the sun and just get a few moments or minutes each sunny day to help boost Vitamin D.

Try get sunscreens that work well, but are chemical free from natural health food stores or use short time in the sun and clothing and shade.



The air we breathe is an integral part of our body’s energy providing oxygen in balance with carbon dioxide. See websites like Buteyko breathing with Glenn White that explain more about how our breathing works to provide a good oxygen balance and release oxygen to the cells.

Practice breathing through your nose day and night to help this healthy oxygen release. Avoid over breathing through the mouth. Keep a window or door open in your sleeping room or bedroom at night for fresh air flow.


Amino acid rich protein foods give lots of energy and keep the negative mind away.  They help good mood and energy.

If you nourish and feed your body adequate protein based food it will not take energy from your mind to try replenish the body energy and you will feel more energy and more uplifted.

Try eating a regular protein based meal morning, lunch, afternoon snack and early evening. Proteins are things like eggs, nuts, seeds, meats, fish and poultry. Try free range, grass fed meats or organic wherever possible.


These sweeter foods are converted in the body to glucose. If your body type can only handle some slow burning carbs (whole grains, pulses, vegetables) eat those.

Don’t overdo the fast burning sugar based or processed carbs (white flour) in favour of slow burning or “low glycaemic index” (Low GI) carbohydrates that take a long time to convert to glucose – like pumpkin and kumara are slower to convert than a piece of white bread for example.

Carbs are rich in fresh vegetables, brown rice, buckwheat and various legumes and pulses such as lentils. They are often a protein, fibre, carbohydrate mix. Plenty of leafy green vegetables over summer. If you tend to get candida or thrush keep the sweet sugar foods to a minimum.

Dietary fats

Fats are a key source of energy. Avoid extreme low fat diets and learn to love healthy fats as they provide energy. See which fats your body type enjoys.

Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oils, oily fish, event animal fats can make a good clean source of energy for your body if they suit your body metabolism. The Mediterranean diet is full of good fats.

Fresh oils should be stored in the fridge or out of direct sunlight and not used if smell old or rancid.

Healthy Acids

Many of the healthy acids like citric acid (citrus fruits) or ascorbic acid, malic acid (apples) and other key organic acids are part of the body energy cycles.

Plenty of summer fresh spray free fruit is ideal for energy. Kombucha fermented teas are rich in these acids too.

Treat yourself to some lemon or ginger kombucha drink great on ice over summer and great for energy as well as helping healthy “probiotic” gut bacteria.

Adrenal hormones

These are ones like “DHEA, progesterone and testosterone” and they all increase energy. If your adrenals are a bit tired or burnt out you can help this with adrenal herbs like ginseng, withania (ashwaghanda) and rhodiola.

There are wonderful adrenal herbal mixes you can get at most good wholefood stores where there is a naturopath dispensary or practitioner adrenal products.

Same goes for thyroid boosting nutrients, minerals and herbs too. I can do blood tests to help check these areas for you.

Trace Minerals

Minerals like magnesium, chromium, a little copper, and other key trace minerals are all very important for the body’s energy production pathways.

You can add some liquid trace minerals or make sure you are getting plenty of green leafy vegetables some oily fish and some animal meats to cover most of your vitamins and minerals.

If vegetarian you can find great sources of minerals and vitamins in items like seaweeds and pulses or whole grains. If the New Zealand soils are mineral poor in iodine, zinc, magnesium, selenium and boron.

It may well be worth considering a liquid trace mineral drop to add to your water a few times a week.

So here is to a great summer – enjoy some sparkling energy water between meals and make those meals enjoyable and tasty with plenty of fresh summer protein, healthy vegetables and summer fruits.