Iodine deficiency

iodine-kelpFluoride and chlorine displace iodine from our bodies. Both are in our drinking water, showers, baths and swimming pools. Iodine is not naturally rich in our soils. Iodine occurs in the oceans in seaweeds and sea life, but not our earth soils where we grow plants – not in any large amounts.

Iodine is used every day by our bodies to make thyroid hormones which are essential for our energy and metabolism. If you lack iodine you can end up with a big “goitre” in your neck (swollen thyroid). Iodine deficiency can cause heart abnormal rhythms, heart failure and even preeclampsia in pregnancy ( high blood pressure, fluid swelling).

As a child if you are iodine deficient from birth it affects your intelligence, your hearing and your growth. Iodine deficiency may create dry eyes as it concentrates in the tear glands of the eyes.

If you are lacking iodine you may be at more risk for the following cancer types:

  • Breast
  • uterine
  • ovarian
  • prostate
  • stomach
  • thyroid

Iodine can actually help prevent cancers such as the above types. It can actually help kill off cancer cells. Iodine is brilliant at killing off harmful bacteria and fungi in the body or on the skin.

Iodine is important for your metabolism and helping stop the body aching as in “fibromyalgia”. You can get it from kelp, wakame and other seaweeds – especially the kelp.

Iodine comes in drops such as Clinicians Iodine solution in the health store or pharmacy or other oral solutions or forms you can paint on the skin and let absorb.

If you overdo it you will get a higher heart rate for a short time and feel too speeded up. Don’t take iodine if you are already hyperthyroid (overactive). Do take some in foods or drops or paints if you are slowed down metabolically, constipated, lacking energy or any of the above. I even helped a patient recently with sore gums and dental infections improve their mouth infections with some iodine oral drops.

Many pregnancy vitamin formulas now contain iodine. It is an amazing mineral from the ocean and essential for life. Kelp can be sprinkled onto roasts or vegetables and mixed in with soups.