Donna Gates - Body Ecology Diet

donna-gates-cultured-vegetablesI like this book because it introduced me to some simple principles like not eating too much at any one meal – finish when you are 80% full. Also making your plate 80% vegetables (from land or ocean) and 20% can be animal protein, grains (especially ones like quinoa or millet – gluten free) and/or starchy vegetables like kumara, pumpkin and potato.

Donna is also an expert on the use of fermented foods like Kefir, which is an ancient yeast, used to ferment milk, or coconut milk to create a great probiotic drink to help balance blood sugar and create a very healthy digestive tract. I’ve been trying the coconut Kefir lately with patients and myself and love the results of a healthier digestion. Donna also teaches you how to ferment and culture vegetables so they are more easily digested and you create this wonderful inner healthy gut “garden” of healthy bacteria and yeasts to help nourish your body.

I watched her in action on YouTube where you can see people showing you how to make cultured vegetables and so on.

There are some great food combining tips in the book like eating fruit on its own and on an empty stomach, so the fruit sugars get digested well rather than sitting and creating bacterial overgrowth. The other one I have tried and seen work is eating your protein with non-starchy vegetables so this means getting away from chicken, fish, steak with a big pile of potatoes, or rice, or pasta and instead having them with lightly cooked, or raw vegetables such as a salad to help digestion. Starchy carbohydrates have a different digestion process than the meats and combining them doesn’t do the best by our bodies creating some bacterial overgrowth problems and problems digesting the meat properly.

Anyway there is a whole lot of great information in her book about how to have a healthy gut and thus immune system so you can fight off candida, viral infections and other conditions more readily.

The book has been updated regularly. I have the Tenth Edition which was written in 2010. Donna was recently in Auckland and there are lots of networks if you need her products or starter kits at the wholefood stores around Auckland. I know Joyce at IE Produce, 1 Barry’s Point Rd, Takapuna has a whole section dedicated to the items you’ll need to follow the Body Ecology principles such as Kefir starter kits and vegetable fermenting kits along with good supplies of homemade sauerkraut which are sold in store.

Check out which has a great online shop supporting the Donna Gates principles. Michele La Chante who created the website with her husband does seminars training in the “B.E.D. principles” and also offers some great free introductory lectures.