Gum Health

healthy-gum-smileSome quick tips on nutrients to help your gums.

Iodine – seaweeds in diet, kelp or iodine drops rub into gums.
Sea Salt – rub into gums or use in toothpaste by Welleda.
Vitamin C – get in lipospheric form to dissolve in mouth.
Vitamin D – drops and liquid forms in olive oil – keep your Vitamin D at a good level for strong bones and teeth.
Coenzyme Q10 – lipospheric sachets to dissolve in mouth or as wafers to help gums to heal.


Flossing and brushing after meals are key actions for gum health and tooth health. Bleeding or sore gums often clear up when you get adequate Vitamin C in your diet.

Sugar substitutes that don’t upset your system are:

  • Xylitol – made from a Birch tree – a white powder that tastes sweet, but doesn’t create any harmful sugars in your body. Order online or from wholefood stores.
  • Stevia – a natural sweetener – popular in the Body Ecology Book and available at Wholefood stores.
  • Xylitol gum – available from health food stores - actually helps while you chew it to remove harmful bacteria from the gums and teeth. Chew some after meals if you can’t get to brush your teeth after each meal it will help preserve your teeth!