Inflammation – tendons, ligaments and joints!

tendonitis-natural-health-holistic-remediesTendonitis or inflammation around a ligament or tendon can be very painful and prevent you being able to play golf or tennis. The tendon pulling on the bone creates some inflammation.

Usually the body heals this process and keeps your arm going well so how come sometimes you get this condition where the elbow gets so sore you can’t play tennis for a while?

Certain foods may make us more inflamed; like too many grains and too much alcohol sugar or refined sugar. We get stressed out and the body reacts. This can be worse if there is a specific nutrient deficiency.

I love talking about Vitamin D – it is really important for gut heath and being able to absorb minerals in the first place. Vitamin D is also important for helping prevent inflammation and healing areas of the body. If our diet has not enough omega oils we can feel dry skinned, tired, foggy and inflamed.

So what substances help to reduce inflammation?

Here is a list of some you might like to get into your body if you are having trouble with inflammation and pain in a joint or tendon:

Glucosamine and chondroitin are carbohydrates from shellfish and mussels that can help make the cartilage joints healthier and not so painful – if there are some cartilage cells left you can get a repair. If you have worn the joint out so much it is more like “bone on bone” then surgery or joint replacement is often considered or injecting joint like fluids that last for 6 months or so to help give you a joint surface. The enzymes are wonderful for inflammation or sore bodies.

Pancreatic enzymes, bromelain from fresh pineapple, papain from pawpaw.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme from silk worms that they use to break down their cocoons. It is used for soft tissue or tendon or sore inflammatory conditions to help “break down” the inflammation areas so the body can clean them up. Serrapeptase is worth trying for sinus inflammation, inflammation post surgery, carpal tunnel inflammation and so on.

Boswellia and quercetin are two more substances that may help reduce inflammation. Boswellia is a herb that often comes in a herbal “complex” (combination of herbs and substances) that can help inflammation settle.

Selenium, zinc and magnesium can all help reduce inflammation.

Vitamin A, B2, B6, C, D, E and K can all help reduce inflammation.

So what foods help reduce inflammation?

  • Some people swear by velvet deer antler, but I haven’t eaten any and still interested to see what it does!
  • Citrus fruits and berries all help inflammation.
  • Pineapple we already mentioned.
  • Olives help. Oils, oils, oils – natural plant and fish are very natural anti-inflammatories.
  • Barley grass drinks.
  • Ginger, turmeric and many other herbs help inflammation.
  • Green lipped mussels are the natural source of that joint food you see in supplements. We have plenty of tasty mussels in New Zealand!